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ORCID Author Identifier


ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. Include your ORCID identifier in any research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work. In the future, using ORCID will reduce the need to enter data into a variety of different systems.

The University hopes that every researcher registers for an ORCID ID for publications, datasets, and other research outputs.

Create an ORCID id or add an existing ORCID id in your TUHAT profile, see instructions .

ORCID and other IDs

Publish Open Access for free or with discounts

University of Helsinki researchers can publish Open Access articles for free and get discounts on APC (Article Processing Charges) payments with many publishers.
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Open Access Journals - Quality checks

Quality checks to conduct before submitting

1. Think. Check. Submit. A checklist-site that can be used for choosing journals, includes non-OA journals too

2. Open Access journals options flowchart (The Australasian Open Access Strategy Group)

Think. Check. Submit.

Open Access - More Information

Reading tips

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