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Jukka Englund
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Team Altmetrics

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Mika Holopainen
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Welcome to Research Visibility & Altmetrics Guide

More than 4000 research papers are published daily. Activities aimed at promoting research are increasingly important in researcher's work.  By making your research visible and accessible you increase chances of your research being noticed, used and having impact, thus increasing your own reputation and chances of success in your academic work. 

Kudos is a web-based service that helps researchers and their institutions increase the visibility and impact of their publications.

You can follow the online attention of researchers and publications on altmetrics databases PlumX and Altmetric Explorer.

Kudos, PlumX and Altmetric Explorer are Helsinki University Library subscriptions.

We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact Team Altmetrics members directly or


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Team Altmetrics

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Markku Roinila
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Team Altmetrics

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Terhi Sandgren
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Self-archiving? Yes, it concerns you if you are UH affiliated researcher and an author of scientific article or book chapter.
Publishing Master Thesis openly? Yes, it concerns you if you are a student at the University of Helsinki.
Discounts on APCs ? Yes, you can benefit,  if you have a position at the University of Helsinki.

Wish to publish an open journal or a book? Yes, we have a platform and ready concept for you.

To whom?

Researcher, lecturer or student at University of Helsinki.


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