Open Access: Self-archiving to TUHAT Guide

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1. Fill in publication information form in Tuhat research portal

2. Start the article upload

Start the article upload from ”Add electronic version(s), and related files and links”. Before uploading check the parallel publishing policy of the publisher and publication in the Sherpa/Romeo service. More information is available by clicking the i-button.


3. See RoMEO for detailed information of the parallel publishing policies

Press the arrow beside RoMEO for detailed information of the parallel publishing policies of different publishers and publications. If you have retained the right to use the text elsewhere in the publishing contract, i.e., you can parallel publish the article. Permission to parallel publishing must be obtained from all co-authors.

Journal name, issue and version of the article should be included to the document, if possible. On article versions, see the table in

In the post-print-version there may be an embargo, required by the publisher (for example, 12 months). In that case the article is transferred automatically to the Helda digital repository of the University of Helsinki once the embargo is over (see also point 6).

4. Choose the type “Upload an electronic version

5. Upload the article to the TUHAT research portal in PDF format

6. Choose the document version and public access to file

However, if the publisher requires an embargo (for example, 12 months from the publication date (see point 3 above), choose in “Access to electronic version” “Embargoed” and set the publication date and the embargo time as announced in the RoMEO-page (see point 3 above).

The publication is transferred automatically to the Helda-repository once the librarian has accepted it or the embargo is over. You can see the publication date in “Visible on portal date”.

You can also select license to the publication. In general, the University of Helsinki recommends CC BY -license for sharing publications, unless there are other recommendations by the publisher.

See our license guide for recommendations and more information.

7. View in Tuhat after the article has been uploaded

Remember to save all the information in the form.

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