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Think Open

The blog provides information on issues related to open science. The aim of the blog is also to inform University of Helsinki researchers about the digital research services either available or under development. The working group behind the blog is cross-organisational, including representatives from Research Administration, the IT Centre, the Helsinki University Library, the National Library and Communications and Community Relations.

Open Science supporters and declarations

Plan S Coalition Science Europe and European Commission

Open Science and Research Initiative

RECODE Policy Recommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe

FinnOA A network of people promoting Open Access

Open Knowledge Finland Global community's Finnish branch

FOSTER Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research

The Hague Declaration

OASPA Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

SPARC Europe Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

OA2020 Initiative

Initiative for Open Citations

Budapest Open Access Initiative

Lingoa Linguistics in Open Access (Fair Open Access Network)

PsyOA Psychology and Fair Open Access

OpenAIRE - services and infrastructure for Open Science


OpenAIRE AMKE is a Non-Profit Partnership, established in 2018 as a legal entity, OpenAIRE AMKE, to ensure a permanent open scholarly communication infrastructure to support European research.

.OpenAIRE is coordinating or partner in following EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) related projects: EOSC Future, FAIRCORE4EOSC, OpenAIRE NEXUS and PATTERN. OpenAIRE AMKE is a member of EOSC Association.

The OpenAIRE Research Graph is one of the largest open scholarly record collections worldwide, key in fostering Open Science and establishing its practices in the daily research activities. It aggregates around 450Mi metadata records with links collecting from 2K data sources (10.2.2023).

OpenAIRE services are based on the OpenAIRE Research Graph .

OpenAIRE services for researchers

  • Zenodo is a catch-all repository that allows all researchers to archive and share their research objects with the world-wide research community.
  • Amnesia, is a service that allows users to anonymize their data by using data anonymization algorithms.
  • OpenAIRE EXPLORE, An open research search portal providing access to millions of interlinked scholarly works (publications, data, software), their citations and contextual information such as organisations, grants.
  • OpenAIRE CONNECT Dashboard is a platform as a service that enables institutions, universities, or lead teams on a scientific domain, to easily create, configure and manage, their own customised web portal that collects and shares research outcomes of their interest to their audiences. The gateways could be public or set in a private mode. One example is DARIAH EU
  • Episciencies is a web platform that allows researchers to easily publish and promote their early work (preprints), to Open Access overlay journals. Authors get early feedback, while earning credibility and attribution with low costs.
  • OpenAIRE AAI is an authentication and authorisation platform that enables researchers to securely access and share common resources and services using their existing academic or social identities.
  • Argos,

    Develop and publish your Data Management Plan on the cloud. Use customised dataset templates for different disciplines domains and funders. Connect to infrastructure services via OpenAIRE (ORCID, Funding agencies databases, repositories). Collaborate with your team and share publicly on Zenodo. Also available for institutional use, with local installations customised to your organisation specifications and needs (policy, repository, etc.)

  • OA in Finland / The National Research Environment

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