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Open Access services and guidance for researchers at the University of Helsinki. #openaccess #openscience #ORCID #selfarchiving

General Information and terminology

Green Open Access: depositing an article or a version of it into the institutional repository. Usually free of charge.

Gold Open Access: publication is immediately provided in oa mode through a high-quality open access publication.The publisher of the oa journal may charge an open access fee (article processing charge).

Hybrid open access: Research articles can be made openly accessible in a journal by paying an extra fee. Journal´s other articles still remain behind a paywall.

Article processing charge (APC) and Book processing charge (BPC) are payments charged by the OA publisher from the author or her/his institution to cover various publishing costs. Both Gold and Hybrid OA based journals can charge APCs.

Embargo: A period of time defined by the publisher,  during which the author has no permission to self-archive. Calculated from the publishing date of the original publication.

Double dipping: Institutions (libraries, universities) often have to pay twice for the same content when publishing in hybrid Open Access Journals.

♦ The scientific level of journals can be assessed for instance through Impact factors and through Publication Forum rating.

Impact factors: The journal impact factors are updated annually and can be found from the Clarivate Analytics Journal Citation Reports database. Most of the OA-journals have also an impact factor. You can get more information about impact factors and evaluation in general from Metrics Guide.

The Publication Forum – The classifications of scientific publication channels maintained by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

JuFo Search Form - Search journals, conferences and publishers. The search can be targeted at specific fields of research.

Open Access services supported by Helsinki University Library

SPARC Europe

SPARC Europe is a European organization focused on achieving an open scholarly communication system. Helsinki University Library is supporting member of this European collaboration.

Knowledge Unlatched

Helsinki University Library supports Language Science Press open collection by taking part to Knowledge Unlatched consortium. Language Science Press will publish 90 Open Access books during the years 2018-2020.

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is an international initiative striving to open access for scholarly books. In this model libraries round the world are share the publishing costs by paying for a chosen book title.

Open Access logo

Open Access journals

DOAJ is the most extensive critical directory of scientific Open Access journals. For those interested in OA publishing, DOAJ includes a useful listing of subject areas. is a service designed for editing and publishing Finnish scientific journals. The service is maintained by Finnish Learned Societies.

Open books and publishers

DOAJ is the most extensive critical directory of scientific Open Access books. For those interested in OA publishing, DOAB contains a useful listing of subject areas also including information about the publishers.

oapen logo

Oapen offers an extensive, critical directory of Open Access monographs. The list of Top subjects provides useful information on subjects and contact information of various publishers.


OpenEdition is a French portal in the fields of humanities and social sciences. It offers open access to several journals and books including also information about their publishers. Some services of the portal are subject to a charge.

Service publishes monographs and textbooks in all areas, and offer the academic excellence of digital publishing. All books are available to read for free online. Downloading and printing costs as well as publishing Open Access.

Ubiquity Press books are peer reviewed and published fully open access, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Cost-effective model with low APC´s;  Information for authors and funding possibilities.

At, you can reward creators that have set their books free, via Creative Commons licenses. You can buy books that want to be free, but need funding to get there. You can pledge toward creating free ebooks from print books.

Helsinki University Press, HUP for short, is a scholarly Open Access publisher. All of its publications will be freely available online. We offer the academic community a publication channel through which to disseminate research results effectively, fairly and to the right audience. HUP’s digital publications will be free to download in pdf or HTML format, and can be bought as e-books or in print for a fee.

Helda Open Books

Helda Open Books virtual collection contains interesting works related to research and teaching as well as classic works from different disciplines. Contact: logo Finnish Monographs and Edited Volumes Online


With the help of Creative Commons licenses you can share your copyright and make your work open for users.

Please use the same license for all materials of your research in order to provide a better open process for the life-span of all your research. Recommendations of the University of Helsinki for licensing open access publications.

Publishing Thesis at the University of Helsinki

 Thumbnail The theses submitted at the University of Helsinki are published in Helda repository. They are openly accessible and can be printed for private use. For some theses only an abstract is available.

Publishing in Helda increases the visibility of theses and makes them easier to find. All theses published in Helda get a permanent e-address and they can be found through search engines.


Hybrid articles / Hybrid OA

Hybrid article refers to an open access article the author or her/his institution has to pay a publishing fee (APC) determined by the publisher. Rest of the articles published in journal remain paywalled (subscription fee has to be paid).

As a researcher of University of Helsinki you are entitled to discounts on APCs and BPCs library has negotiated.

The University of Helsinki policy regarding hybrid OA

The University of Helsinki nor  the Research Council of Finland recommend publishing in hybrid-oa journals. However, publishing in hybrid journals may be justified at the moment, if it facilitates the transfer to a fully open access model, read more.