Finno-Ugrian languages / Suomalais-ugrilaiset kielet: Guide for Finno-ugric & Uralic resources / Suomalais-ugrilaisten aineistojen opas

Practical Library Guide to the Databases, Repositories, News, Collections, E-books and other Resources of Finno-Ugrian languages / Suomalais-ugrilaisen kielentutkimuksen artikkelit, lehdet, kirjat, tietokannat ja kirjaston palvelut #suomenkieli #saami

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Tervetuloa / Welcome to browse Finno-Ugrian languages Subject Guide


This guide helps you to find the most relevant resources of Finno-Ugrian Studies. It is designed specially for Helsinki University researchers and students.

Sub-pages on area tabs include for instance:

Books: Book search highlighting new printed and e-books in the library
Articles and journals: 
Article search, new articles from top journals, lists of quality journals
Databases & Digitized collections: Links to various databases and open digital resources
Libraries, Repositories & Web Resources: Links to FU-libraries and other usefull sites

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve the guide, please let me know!


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Tieteenalavastaava / Subject Librarian

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Ursula Virolainen
Main Library (Kaisa House)
6th floor, room 6024
Fabianinkatu 30 (Box 53)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
ursula.virolainen [at]
+358-2941 40007