Research information system Tuhat: Tuhat is Pure software

Tuhat research information system

University of Helsinki implemented Pure software year 2010 as its research information system. Kick-off project was International evaluation of research and doctoral training 2010-2012. The final report of the evaluation on page 311 stated the following: 

TUHAT research information system worked as a source and platform for the evaluation. The critical points are now recognised and more fluent procedures learnt filling the gaps. The evaluation model as such can be repeated whenever without extra workload, as a part of everyday information production and used that for the decision making. There is one request – researchers should keep their files updated. In the long run, it is a privilege to the University and to the researchers themselves.

Tuhat is developed and maintained by the Helsinki University Library

Help desk for researchers is available at, phone 22 000.

System Administrators are Pekka Karhula and Janne Rantanen. Their supervisor is Johanna Lahikainen

Software maintenance is provided by Elsevier Ltd.

Database and server administration is provided by the University of Helsinki IT Center.

Welcome to Pure by Elsevier

Pure software is used by over 220 research institutes world wide, see the list of clients here. User roles include researchers, research managers and librarians. Here is how they benefit: 

Pure upgrades

Pure (Tuhat) upgrade 5.10 on Oct 31, 2017

  • New publication types: 1) The program will choose MinEdu publication type automatically based on other selections. 2) It is possible to classify publications more precisely than before, e.g. book review or letter. After the changes the version and data model will be the same as for other universities using the same program. See further information on the new publication types.
  • Plum Print (altmetric widget) to portal: Based on publication DOI Tuhat portal automatically displays PlumX altmetrics data of this publication. Plum Print is also available for organisations that have a PlumX profile (add Plum X profile name to Pure Organisation ID field).
  • Release notes

Pure (Tuhat) upgrade 5.9 on July 3, 2017

Pure (Tuhat) upgrade 5.8.1 on March 17, 2017

Pure (Tuhat) upgrade 5.7. on Dec 12, 2016.

Tuhat has been upgraded to Pure 5.7.2-1 on Dec 12, 2016.
Main new features for researchers are:
  • ORCID ID: Add existing or create new ORCID ID. Additionally authorize the University of Helsinki to synchronize from Tuhat to ORCID following information: publication, affiliation, other external person IDs, link to portal
  • EuroPass CV: Export data to Europass CV website where it can be enriched with additional information.
  • Peer-review activities are now related to "Journals".
  • New content type “Prizes”
  • New content type “Media/Press” with Newsflo integration for persons with Scopus Author ID. Currently Media/Press is not available in the Portal (Elsevier is working on this)
  • Conference participations are now related to “Events”.
  • Submission forms have been modified.

New for editors and reporters:

  • Activity data model migration created data quality issues in
    • Journals
    • External organisations
    • Events
  • Import module
    • EBSCOhost Research Databases added as an import source
    • Scopus : Using Scopus Author ID / ORCID as search terms
    • Organisational unit merge functionality
  • Improved tools for populating Scopus Author ID
    • 'External Person ID Import' job enables the bulk import of Scopus Author IDs directly to Person records.
    • 'Scopus Author ID Import Job' queries the Scopus database using a Person's ORCID
  • Open access mprovements
    • For Elsevier articles with DOI Embargo data and license automatically
  • Bulk edit in list view.
    • This functionality is limited for Tuhat-info personnel