Research information system Tuhat: Tuhat is Pure by Elsevier

Guidelines for reporting and using research information for the research portal, the university website, and annual research reporting.

Tuhat is Pure by Elsevier

Tuhat research information system is Pure software by Elsevier B.V. and it includes following services: data submission and management, reporting, API and a portal.

Customer support is provided by the Helsinki University Library:

University of Helsinki implemented Pure software year 2010. Kick-off project was International evaluation of research and doctoral training 2010-2012. The final report of the evaluation on page 311 stated the following: TUHAT research information system worked as a source and platform for the evaluation. The critical points are now recognised and more fluent procedures learnt filling the gaps. The evaluation model as such can be repeated whenever without extra workload, as a part of everyday information production and used that for the decision making. There is one request – researchers should keep their files updated. In the long run, it is a privilege to the University and to the researchers themselves.

Welcome to Pure by Elsevier

Pure software is used by over 220 research institutes world wide, see the list of clients here. User roles include researchers, research managers and librarians. Here is how they benefit: