Research information system Tuhat: Training sessions, quick guide

Guidelines for reporting and using research information for the research portal, the university website, and annual research reporting.

Training sessions

Currently we offer presentations at unit meetings and online tutorials for groups.

Basic tutorial on annual reporting, how to use Tuhat and get ORCID ID will take from 30min to 2 hours. Please mention some points of interest in the booking description. TUHAT-info: email:, phone 02941 22000.

Quick guide and language settings

  • Quick guide to submit and use Tuhat information
    • After login, click the green button "Add new" , new window opens.
    • Select information type from left side bar and spesify type classification. For publications you can also select manual submission, import from source or import from file. 
    • Give at least mandatory information. For publications, please submit as much information as you can. 
    • Save!
    • There are help texts on Tuhat submission forms via  i  icon. You can either open help text icons one by one or select the one on top right corener to open all help texts. 
    • Use your information on portal, create CV, report your research. Read more here (link to another page on this guide)
  • Pure language settings
    • On Tuhat submission forms, you can select your user interface language and default submission language separately. Language options are Finnish, Swedish and English. 
      • After login click your user name (see the top black bar)
      • User interface language is the one you use to read Tuhat submission forms, buttons and help texts.  
      • Submission language is the one you write your texts when submitting information to Tuhat. This is relevant in some fields where you can provide language versions. Please see fields where language options are indicated with flags or on submission form go to subsheet "Translations".
    • Research portal interface is available in Finnish, Swedish or English. Based on your translations text field are shown accordingly.
    • Language versions for classifications and other value lists are maintained centrally.

New researcher start page (backend) 2021

  • ​​​​Obs! The new start page (14.6.2021-) is visible only for the researchers themselves and some administrative personnel. This is not about the public research portal!
  • Only the layout of the page is changed - the program's functionalities underneath are the same as before.

Researcher profile information

                       Example of data in researcher profile information section

Your primary information is presented in this section. This includes links to your:

  1. Public profile in Research Portal
  2. CVs created, and option to create a CV.
    Obs! This is the same CV tool as before which makes a CV of your data in Research information system. Unfortunately there is no possibility to upload a CV in PDF format formed outside of system.
  3. (not in use)
  4. ORCID ID or option to add your ORCID id to Research information system
  5. Edit your profile


Once in your profile editor, by clicking ‘Edit profile’ all options like to add ORCID id,  add profile photo, links and information, and fields of research, are available as before.


Content inventory

Example data in the content section

Titles and blue numbers are links that open your list of each type of content.


Add content 

You can add new content like publications, projects or activities by clicking the Add content button on the right.


Tasks and notifications

List of tasks and notifications on the right is the same as before.                           Example of notifications on the right hand side







     Example of visualization of projects

  • Projects are now prominently displayed on the new start page, but there is no change in project data: Researchers are welcome to enter their project data as projects do not come to Research information system automatically.
  • Award data (rahoitusmyönnöt) is currently not synced from financial systems. You can add an award by hand and link it to project. 



Example of supervised thesis data


This section shows supervised thesis but only if supervisor data is entered in the thesis data in Research information system. This section does not show supervision of thesis added as Activity in system.


Research relation and collaboration overview

Example of visualization of reserarcher's network

In research network visualization you can

(1) switch between showing all content relations in your network or co-authorships, 

(2-6) choose how content is positioned and how much is shown (7)

(8) filter which relation types are shown

(9-10) access top co-authors and most mentioned organisations.


General notes on the new page

Please note that the layout of the new personal start page is decided by the system vendor and it is not possible to change the layout or which contents are displayed at University of Helsinki.


New publication classifications 2017

Since 31.10.2017 the TUHAT system uses two publication classifications: Default classification is more versatile (Pure system) and on top of this is the national Finnish Ministry of Education publication classification (MinEdu).

This is how it works:

  1. Choose broader publication type like Contribution to journal > Article.
  2. Choose category: Scientific, Professional or General public
  3. Choose Peer reviewed or Not peer reviewed.
  • If you chose 1. Article 2. Scientific 3. Peer reviewed -> MinEdu publication type A1 Peer-reviewed scientific publication.
  • Some of the new publication types cannot have MinEdu publication type at all.
Name of publication type in English Name of publication subtype in English Description of publication type in English Name of publication type in Finnish Description of publication type in Finnish Possible MinEdu publication type
Contibution to journal (Artikkelijulkaisu) Article A presentation of new research Artikkeli Alkuperäistutkimuksen tuloksia esittelevä artikkeli A1, B1, D1, E1
  Review article Review article, Literature review, Systematic review Katsausartikkeli Aiempien tutkimusten perusteella laadittu katsaus jostakin teemasta A2, B1
  Letter A short description of new, important research results. Kirje Lyhyt kuvaus uusista, tärkeistä tutkimustuloksista A1, B1, D1, E1
  Comment/debate Short commentary/contribution to debate in a publication, often about former printed articles. Kommentti Lyhyt kommentti tai osallistuminen keskusteluun julkaisussa A1, B1, D1, E1
  Book/Film/Article review Review of a book/film/article/artistic product, published in a journal. Kirjallisuus- tai taidearvostelu Lehdessä julkaistu arvostelu kirjasta, artikkelista, taideteoksesta tai filmistä A1, B1, D1, E1
  Literature review (scientific) A critical review and evaluation of a (scientific) publication Tieteellisen julkaisun arvostelu Tieteellisen julkaisun kriittinen katsaus ja arviointi A1, B1
  Conference article Article that has been presented at a conference. Konferenssiartikkeli Konferenssissa esitetty artikkeli A4, B3, D3
  Editorial An article-like text with the official opinion about a subject, from a journal's point of view. Pääkirjoitus Toimittajan kirjoittama lehden näkökulma aiheesta A1, B1, D1, E1
  Meeting Abstract Meeting Abstract Konferenssiesitelmän abstrakti Konferenssissa tai kokouksessa pidetyn esityksen tiivistelmä no MinEdu type
   Other articles Other journal contribution  Muu artikkeli   no MinEdu type
Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding (Artikkeli kirjassa/raportissa/konferenssijulkaisussa Chapter Chapter or part of a book, report or anthology/collected work. Kirjan luku tai artikkeli Kirjan luku tai kokoomateoksen artikkeli A3, B2, D2, E1
  Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary A short, focused article on one or more subject(s) or event(s) for publication in an encyclopedia Ensyklopedia-artikkeli Ensyklopedia-artikkeli A3, B2, D2, E1
  Conference contribution Article that has been presented at a conference. Konferenssiartikkeli Julkaistun konferenssisarjan proceedings-artikkeli A4, B3, D3
  Foreword/postscript Contribution to book/report/conference prior to the main text (foreword), as well as after this (postscript) Esipuhe tai jälkisanat Toimittajan esipuhe tai jälkisanat kirjassa tai konferenssijulkaisussa B2, A3
Book/Report (Kirja/raportti) Book A completed, stand-alone work published in one or more volumes. Often with one or few authors and one or few subject areas. Kirja Kirja C1, D5, E2
  Anthology Anthology: A collection of a number of contributions to a completed work on a more or less specific subject. Mostly with a various number of authors. Special issue: a specific journal issue with focus on a special theme or subject. Kokoomateos Kokoomateos: Tiettyyn aiheeseen liittyvä, useiden tekijöiden kirjoituksista koottu teos. Erikoisnumero: Lehden tiettyyn aiheeseen keskittyvä erikoisnumero C2, D6, E3
  Commissioned report A report with a pre-defined objective, requested by the institution in charge. Tutkimusraportti Julkaistu tutkimusraportti rahoittajalle tai tilaajalle D4
Thesis (Opinnäytteet) Doctoral Thesis   Väitöskirja   G4 or G5
  Licenciate's Thesis Licenciate's Thesis Lisensiaatintyö Lisensiaatintyö G3
  Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Pro gradu, diplomityö Pro gradu, diplomityö G2
   Thesis for higher vocational diploma, bachelor's thesis  Thesis for higher vocational diploma, bachelor's thesis  Ammattikorkeakoulu-
tutkinnon opinnäytetyö, kandidaatintyö
 Ammattikorkeakoulu-tutkinnon opinnäytetyö, kandidaatintyö G1
Non-textual form (Ei-tekstimuotoinen) Software Stand-alone software for execution of specific tasks. Ohjelmisto Kaupallisena tai vapaana ohjelmistona julkaistu tieto- ja viestintätekninen ohjelma tai ohjelmisto I2, F1, F2, F3
  Digital or Visual Products E.g. podcasts, animations, photos, sound recordings. Audiovisuaalinen aineisto Televisio- ja radio-ohjelmat sekä tutkimuksen tuloksia dokumentoivat audiovisuaaliset esitykset sekä multimediajulkaisut I2, F1, F2, F3
  Web publication/site Electronic publication. E.g. website. Verkkosivu(sto) Verkkosivu(sto) I2, F1, F2, F3
  Artefact Artefacts of various kinds Taideteos Taideteos F1, F2, F3
  Exhibition Exhibition Näyttely Näyttely F1, F2, F3
  Performance Performances of various kinds Esitys Esitys F1, F2, F3
  Composition Musical scores, notes, sheets. Sävellys Sävellys F1, F2, F3
  Design Designs in various forms. Suunnitelma, design Suunnitelma, design F1 F2 F3
  Architecture Architectural designs in various forms. Arkkitehtuuri Arkkitehtuurisuunnitelmat ja toteutukset F1, F2, F3
Patent (Patentit) Patent A patent is a document that grants the rights of a piece of work/invention to its originator Patentti Patentti on viranomaisen dokumentti, jolla myönnetään yksinoikeus käyttää keksintöä H1
Other contribution (Muu julkaisu) Other contribution Contribution that does not fit into the other categories Muu julkaisu Muu julkaisu no MinEdu type
Working paper Working paper Working/discussion paper constitutes an early version of a publication. Working/discussion papers are primarily used for exchanging ideas or get feedback, before submitting it to a publisher - usually the author's own institution. Työpaperi Työpaperi D4
  Discussion paper Working/discussion paper constitutes an early version of a publication. Working/discussion papers are primarily used for exchanging ideas or get feedback, before submitting it to a publisher - usually the author's own institution. Keskustelupaperi Keskustelupaperi D4
Conference materials (Konferenssimateriaalit) Paper Scientific text prepared in advance, for a conference. Made available at the conference or institutions own website, but not published officially in a journal/proceeding. Konferenssiesitys Vain verkkosivuilla julkistettu konferenssiesitys, ei varsinainen julkaisu no MinEdu type
  Poster Poster Posteri Posteri no MinEdu type
  Abstract An abstract is a short condensed preview of an article or work, presented at a conference. Konferenssiabstrakti Konferenssin pidetyn esitelmän tiivistelmä. no MinEdu type
  Other Other conference materials like conference presentations (e.g. powerpoint) Muu konferenssimateriaali Muut konferenssimateriaalit kuten esitysmateriaalit (esim. powerpoint). no MinEdu type