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UH researcher, send author´s accepted manuscript file to be deposited in the library:

Please, attach also publication information (title / number) to come.

NB! If you have research funding from the Research Council of Finland (from 2021 onward), please include this information in to your message.

We will find out publishing policy and conditions. Additional information: article versions.
If you are unsure which version of your publication you are entitled to self-archive, send all versions to us.

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It takes only HUPS and library material is on researcher's desk!

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Electronic resources are available in the network of University of Helsinki or through remote access. Accessing the electronic resources from outside the library locations via a remote connection requires a University user account.

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This guide is designed especially for Helsinki University researchers, but also for staff and students to help in finding and using political science -related resources in and outside the library.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve the guide, please give us feedback!


Keenious: A new AI-based search tool on trial till the end of August.

Oxford Handbooks online updated. 138 "Politics" handbooks available

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