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American Studies Grant 2020

American Studies Grant 2020 hakuaika on alkanut! UUSI!

Yhdysvaltain suurlähetystön vuotuinen apuraha on tarkoitettu suomalaiselle maisterivaiheessa olevalle yliopisto-opiskelijalle, jonka pro gradu käsittelee Yhdysvaltoja. Haku on avoinna kaikkien oppiaineiden opiskelijoille, jotka ovat kirjoilla suomalaisessa yliopistossa. Apurahan tarkoituksena on edesauttaa opiskelijaa saattamaan pro gradu -työ valmiiksi.

We are now accepting applications for the American Studies Grant 2020! New
The U.S. Embassy Finland’s annual scholarship provides a grant to students of Finnish nationality, enrolled at a Finnish university, who are currently working on a Master’s Thesis on a United States related topic. We welcome applications from all fields of study. The grant is intended to help the student to complete his/her Master’s Thesis.
The application period runs between September 15 – November 30, 2020.
Lisätietoja / More information:


Area and Cultural Studies Subject Guide

Europeana.Terrestrial pocket globe - National Maritime Museum, London.  (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Welcome to the Area and Cultural Studies Subject Guide

This guide helps you to find the most relevant resources for Area and Cultural Studies at the University of Helsinki, including Latin American and North American Studies. European Studies sub-page will be published later on.

Sub-pages on area tabs include for instance:

Articles and journals: Article search, new articles from top journals, lists of quality journals

Books: Book search highlighting new printed and e-books in the library

Databases: Links to various databases and other resources

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve the guide, please let us know (contact information on this page).

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ORCID and other IDs

Subject Librarian (European Studies)

Juha Laulainen's picture
Juha Laulainen
Main Library (Kaisa House), 5th floor, room 5062
Fabianinkatu 30, FIN-00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI

Subject Librarian (Latin American Studies)

Pirja Kara's picture
Pirja Kara
Main Library (Kaisa House)
Fabianinkatu 30 (P.O. Box 53)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. +358-294123909, 050-3185594

Subject Librarian (North American Studies)

Heli Heinämäki's picture
Heli Heinämäki
Helsinki University Main Library (Kaisa House)
5th floor, room 5074
P.O.Box 53 (Fabianinkatu 30)

Subject Librarian (Nordic Studies)

Kristina Weimer's picture
Kristina Weimer
Main Library (Kaisa House) 5th floor,
room 5021.
02941 40980

Main Library (Kaisa House)

Fabianinkatu 30 (P.O. Box 53)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Opening hours

tel. +358-2941 23920