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English Studies Subject Guide

This guide is designed especially for the researchers, teachers and students of the Helsinki University to help them find the most relevant resources (especially e-resources) available at and through the Helsinki University Library relating to the English Studies.

The guide presents material on different aspects of the English language and linguistics, English language teaching, Historical and Cultural resources of English-speaking countries, mainly the Uk and USA at this point. English Literature Resources have also been added to the guide. 

The guide has the following subsections:

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News: The American Resource Center (ARC) has closed its services at the Kaisa Library in June 2020. (Read more). ARC donated its books  on the Main Library's 2nd floor to HULIB, and those will be eventually, either joined with the HULIB's other collections, or will be sent to the National Repository Library, from where they can be ordered to HULIB without any extra cost.

More Info at: The National Repository Library (NRL)

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