Russian and Eastern European Studies: Statistics, Maps, Multimedia

Library resources related to Russian and Eastern European Studies: articles, journals, books and databases. / Venäjän ja itäisen Euroopan tutkimuksen tiedonlähteet: artikkelit, lehdet, kirjat ja tietokannat.

About this section

In this section you will find links to statistical resources, geographical data and multimedia archives and information about their use.  

Sources on economy: Russian Federation

Statistics: Imperial Russia

Maps may copy and redistribute maps and other copyrighted pictorial
material in a critical or scientific presentation (e.g. master's thesis)
on these two conditions:

  • The picture has to have an essential connection with your text
  • You would use the picture to illustrate or clarify your text

Remixing, transforming, or building upon the material is allowed only
with permission from the copyright owner.
Some maps are free from copyrights. Please check the terms of use
from the info icon after the links below!
In all cases, remember to credit the source of the material you have
used in your work.

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