Russian and Eastern European Studies: Primary Sources

Library resources related to Russian and Eastern European Studies: articles, journals, books and databases. / Venäjän ja itäisen Euroopan tutkimuksen tiedonlähteet: artikkelit, lehdet, kirjat ja tietokannat.

Primary Sources: About the section

In this section you will find information about special libraries, digital libraries, archives and electronic primary sources, some of them accessible only in UH network.

Digital and printed newspapers

The collection of newspapers in the Slavonic Library

The collection of primary sources in the Slavonic library includes newspapers published in Imperial Russia, Soviet Union, Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. The Legal Deposit Collection from 1828–1917 contains a collection of newspapers published in the big cities within the borders of the Russian Empire. From the Soviet period, the collections include the main newspapers of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and also the emigrant newspapers. The newspapers published in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries can be found in digital form in the Integrum database.

Digital archives of Russian newspapers (in UH network)

Integrum (see the list of subscribing organisations)

Integrum is a large electronic collection of Russian and CIS mass media. Integrum databases cover newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws and decrees etc.

Open data from Eastern Europe