Helka Guide: Reference Management

Exporting References and Creating Links

Exporting references and creating links

You can export references from Helka to your reference management program of choice, send them via e-mail and create links to references.

Helka reference export functions

Exporting references

How to export references to reference management programs? To EndNote – click "ENDNOTE". To other programs (like Zotero) - choose "EXPORT RIS" or "EXPORT BIBTEX".

You can also use Helka’s own citation function for copying the reference information in a certain citation style. Click "CITATION", choose citation style and copy citation to clipboard.Note that this is a quick tool with only a few citation styles available. Using a reference management program offers more citation styles and many other options to manage your references.

Read more information on reference management programs in this guide.


Creating links

You can also get a permanent link to a reference in Helka. Choose “PERMALINK” and copy the link to clipboard. This is an easy way for instance for a teacher to add a link to course material in Moodle area.



Exporting One Reference from Helka

Exporting one reference from Helka

1) On the search result list: on reference information click the icon with three dots in the right corner.


Helka reference functions


2) Below the reference: you see different options to export the reference (export to referent management programs, e-mail, citation etc). 

Helka reference export functions

Exporting Several References from Helka

Exporting several references from Helka

1) In Helka search result list choose references by clicking the number on the left. 

Helka choose references from the list



2) Go to the top of the result list. Click the icon with three dots . 

3) Select how to export the references (e.g. in RIS format, Export RIS).

4) Click Download.

Helka choose references and download