Helka Guide: Signing in and Remote Access

Signing in

Sign in to Helka

Helka front page and singn in




If you do not see the Sign in link (e.g. when using a mobile device), click the icon with three dots Three dots icon  Then the menu with sign in link opens.

Helka front page three dots icon

Singing in with the University Account

University of Helsinki students or staff members

Sign in to Helka by using University of Helsinki login and your university user account. When signed in you can access the library e-resources and see your Helka customer information

Helka login using University of Helsinki login

If you do not have Helka card yet, see instructions on how to get the card. 

Do not update your contact information in Helka, as the contact information is automatically updated from the background systems of the University of Helsinki. 

Signing in without University Account

Other customers (no university user account)

If you do not have a University of Helsinki user account, sign in with your email account. Helka sends a sign in link to your email.  

Helka login using email login

If you do not have a University of Helsinki user account, please, visit the library to access electronic journals and books acquired by the library.

You can access some open e-materials by choosing Open Access under Availability.

Screenshot of Availability Open Access


Your Helka Customer Information

Your Helka customer information

Helka signed in as Menu











When signed in you can see your Helka customer information (My Account). You can see and renew your loans (My Loans), see your reservations (My Requests) and your fines and fees. You can create and change your pin code, which is needed when using library's self-service lending machines.

You can add references found in Helka to your favourites and see them in My Favorites. You can save searches and set alerts to searches. In Search History you can also see the searches performed during the ongoing session.

Pin Code

Pin code (for using the library's lending machines)

In order to use the library's self-service lending machines, you need a pin code. You can set or change the pin code in your Helka customer information.

Sign in to Helka, choose My Account -> Contact details -> Change pin code. The pin code must be four digits. 

Remote Access to E-resources

Remote access to e-resources

University of Helsinki students and staff can access electronic materials (books, journals, databases, international articles) acquired by Helsinki University Library off-campus via remote access. You can access the e-resources via Helka.

Remote access via Helka

  1. Sign in to Helka using the University of Helsinki login (university username and password).
  2. Search the e-resources in Helka.
  3. In order to access library e-resources you do not need a VPN connection to university network. Signing in to Helka by following the instructions above is enough. But if you use a VPN connection, please read the following note!

VPN connections and remote access to library e-resources

If you use VPN connection to university network, please choose OpenVPN uh-vpn-allroute; it opens library e-resources. (Do not use uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only, because it blocks library e-resources).

Problems with Signing in?

If you have problems with signing in, changing the browser may help. If you still have problems with signing in, please contact the library.