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Quarterly Journal of Economics

Impact Factor: 6.662 | Ranking: 1/347 in Economics | Source: 2016 Journal Citation Reports®
Finnish Publication Forum rating level 3 (top)
Frequency: 4/year
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Full text available from 1886 volume: 1 issue: 1

The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language. Edited at Harvard University's Department of Economics, it covers all aspects of the field.
QJE is invaluable to professional and academic economists and students around the world.

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Cabells - a Database of Predatory Journals

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Cabells is a database which lists predatory journals, not recommended as publication channels. The service is in test use in University of Helsinki until the end of 2023. UH has a license to a list of predatory journals (predatory reports). From the search result you can see a list of suspicious features of the journal (violations) which are the reasons why the journal is added to the database. Note that Cabells has no relation to a website There is no guarantee that the information there is reliable. 

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