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Traditional metric tools disregard new types of scholarly communication. Altmetrics can be used to measure how scholarly articles are being shared, used and discussed in the social media and publisher sites.

PlumX / University of Helsinki is an altmetric service that makes visible the impact of the publications by Helsinki University researchers. PlumX gathers the different kinds of metrics that are created when people interact with research output.
If you want to add your outputs to PlumX, contact

Altmetric Explorer
The Altmetric Explorer / University of Helsinki gathers data related to journal articles from news stories, blog posts, tweets, and postings related to scholarly articles and creates a score based on information from each of the data sources examined.

Altmetric Bookmarklet
Install the Altmetric Bookmarklet and get article level metrics of the papers you are reading.

Examples of databases and publishers who offer altmetric services:

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