Editori - a tool for open journal publishing and learning scientific publishing practices: Some OJS-journals

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OJS student journals

re:think - a journal of creative ethnography (University of Edinburgh)
The student journal on ethnography is using double blind peer review and provides a publishing venue for student associations: "Our objective is to provide a platform for undergraduate student work which seeks to better understand the everyday life of ourselves and others through ethnographic research."

The St Andrews Africa Summit Review (University of St Andrews)
A journal that focuses on St Andrews Africa Summit, an event that brings together many disciplines. The journal is not peer-reviewed. "We are a student-led publication, aiming to advance discussion about African affairs among the St Andrews community and beyond."

UOJM – University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine (University of Ottawa)
An international peer-reviewed journal in which student are participating as authors and editors as well as reviewing scholarly papers written by reseacrchers. An example of student-led scientific journal indexed in the DOAJ portal.

Alberta Law Review is a student journal on legal topics from the University of Alberta.

The Agora: Political Science Undergraduate Journal (University of Alberta)
The student journal on political studies has clear educational goals: "The Agora has two objectives: to give undergraduate students a chance to have their scholarly work published and to involve students in the process of peer-review. Ultimately, The Agora aims to provide a valuable academic experience for students in a professional publication format."

COMPASS: The Student Anthropology Journal of Alberta (University of Alberta)
The journal from students of anthropology provides a versatile publishing venue for many kinds of student works. The journal is also used a channel for scientific networking among students.

Constellations (University of Alberta)
The aim of the journal produced by the students of history is to provide experience on scholarly communication for young historians:
 "strives to provide a forum for young historians and classicists to have the experience of writing for an academic journal". The journal is using double blind peer review. Past Imperfect is a journal by more advanced students of history from the University of Alberta.

Spectrum (University of Albert)
A cross-disciplinary student journals with a wide scope of subjects: "Spectrum strives to publish diverse and engaging research completed by undergraduate students within and across the areas of health sciences, natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities." The journal has a high editorial standard.

Intersect (Stanford University)
A comprehensive student journal focusing on the study of science, technology and society containing research articles, essays, book reviews and interviews.

The Cutting Edge (Stanford University)
A student journal on educational research providing a publishing venue for facts and fiction: "Stanford University's undergraduate educational research journal. It is a platform where students can publish their research papers, opinions, fictional works, or other pieces pertaining to education."