Article/Book Processing Charge: Funding for Publishing

Information about OA publishing fees and discounts for researchers at the University of Helsinki

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Support for Open Access publishing (Dean’s Decision 49/2018)

The Faculty supports open publishing both in Open Access publishing channels and in those so-called hybrid publishing channels with which the library has negotiated discounts, made an Open Access membership agreement or made some other similar discount arrangements. The faculty pays Article Processing Charges for up to 2000 € per publication, and up to 1000 € per hybrid publication. If the APC exceeds the support limit set by the Faculty, applicant must justify the use of the publication channel in question.

Support may be granted, if the following criteria are met:

  • The beneficiary is staff employed by the faculty, scholarly researcher or doctoral student
  • The publishing channel is at Level 1, 2 or 3 in the Publications Platform
  • The beneficiary is the first author or equivalent in the publication
  • The beneficiary’s affiliation at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences, will be printed in the publication.  Payments for open publishing should primarily be included in project funding: the faculty does not support open publishing payments if the researcher can pay them from a project.

The support is meant for manuscripts that will be published in 2018 or later. In order to get support for your publication, please fill in this e-form:

Faculty of Social Sciences

Support for Open Access publishing (Dean’s decision 11.12.2019)

The Faculty supports open access publishing in open access journals and books by covering the payment of publishing fees up to 2000 € per publication. From 2020 on, open access publishing in 'hybrid' publication channels is not supported anymore (except manuscripts submitted between 2018-19 to those hybrid journals to which Helsinki University Library had negotiated discounts). 

The support is meant for all researchers working in the Faculty, either on salary or with a personal grant, including doctoral students. The researcher has to be the first author in the publication (or in a similar important position) to be eligible for the support. The costs of Open Access publishing should be primarily covered by research projects; the Faculty does not pay the charge if the researcher can pay it from his/her project.


  • To apply for the support, please fill in this e-form

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts supports Open Access fees if the publisher of the publication has Publication Forum rating 3 and the head of the author’s home department wants to endorse support. Support for Open Access publishing is applicable for the time being.