Library guide for teachers: How to use course materials

A library guide to support the teaching work

How do I share an e-book or article link with my students?

You can share the link with students via a learning environment or in a learning material. You should share the link in a manner that allows students to log in remotely. In this case, students can use the link to log in to a book, article, or other library material with their university username and password from any location.    

A good practice is to link to the material using Helka's permanent link. In this case, the link directs students to the material through Helka, and the link does not change even if the availability information changes.     

  1. Find the material in Helka and go to “Send to” section 

  2. Click on “Permalink”, where you can see a permanent link

  3. Copy permanent link to clipboard 

helka's interface: permalink, copy to the clipboard

Pro tip: If you share a link directly to the publisher's service (not from Helka), you can attach a proxy link in front of the link in the publisher's service that allows remote access to the material —>   

Proxy link only works if the library has acquired the material for use at the university.    

VPN users can access the library's resources using the OpenVPN option uh-vpn-allroute. The option uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only blocks access to library materials even if you are logged in to Helka.