Library guide for teachers: Open educational resources

A library guide to support the teaching work

What are open educational resources?

Open educational resources are material that can be used freely in teaching and learning. Open educational resources may be published in any form or accessed using various technologies. They may be for example courses, worksheets, videos, books, articles, presentations and recordings. Open educational resources are either copyright-free material or licensed by the author by an open license which allows to use, modify, and distribute the material freely. 

Are you looking for open educational resources or do you want to publish your learning materials openly? Read more about services connected to open education on the library website: open learning and open educational resources.  

open educational resources


The Library of Open Educational Resources

The Library of Open Learning Materials contains openly CC-licensed learning materials that are accessible and editable by all teachers and learners. The Library of Open Learning Materials is intended for storing and sharing learning materials, and you can also upload your own openly licensed learning materials to the platform. 

Open access books and articles  

You can find openly published books and articles in Helka and other library databases. You may identify them by an open access logo. 

You can browse open books published by researchers and teachers at the University of Helsinki in Helda

Openly licensed images 

There are many free image banks on the web containing images are freely available to everyone. In such a service, the author information and terms of use of the images are clearly marked in connection with the material. You can search for images, for example, from the search service, which has a CC license for the images. 

Where can I find image banks whose images are freely available to everyone? For more information on image copyright and online image material, see Aalto University's ImagOA guide.

How can I as­sess the qual­ity of open learn­ing ma­ter­ial?

When assessing open learning material, pay attention to the following aspects:  

  • Who or what organisation has prepared the material?  
  • Is a description of the terms and conditions or any licence provided with the material? 
  • When has the learning material last been updated? Is it up to date?
  • Is the material usable? How well is it suited to its purpose? 

Further information on open educational resources