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About Kudos

Kudos for Researchers

Make sure more people find, read, apply and cite your research

The pressure to create and demonstrate impact for your work means you have to work harder to ensure it is found, read, applied and cited. But you don’t have to be a communications expert, or to invest a lot of time. Kudos provides you with simple tools and guidance to help you maximize readership and citations for your work.


1. What is Kudos?

Kudos is a web-based service that helps researchers and their institutions and funders increase the visibility and impact of their publications – such as research articles, books and book chapters.

2. Who is Kudos for?

Kudos is for researchers who want assistance with increasing usage of and citation to their publications. Kudos is also for institutions and funders looking to increase the impact of the research that they fund, and for publishers wanting to develop closer relationships with their author communities and increase publication performance.

3. How does Kudos work?

Researchers register to use Kudos and are then led through various steps that prompt them to explain their publications; add context and enrich them with links to resources such as images and data; and share information about their publications via social networks and email. The Kudos platform distributes the additional author-added content and links to aid discoverability of publications. Kudos also enables researchers to track the effect of their actions against a wide range of metrics. Institutional and publisher-based support tools are available.

Kudos User Guide

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