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About Altmetric Explorer

What Altmetric do?

Altmetric tracks the attention that research outputs such as scholarly articles and datasets receive online. It collects the mentions from social media like Twitter and Facebook, news, blogs and online reference managers like Mendeley and CiteULike. You can search your publications in Altmetric system and see how many mentions your research have received.

Types of identifiers Altmetric tracks as standard

The unique identifier is really important for Altmetric to be able to match the attention to the research, it connects mentions to research. Identifiers in the system is designed to automatically recognize extend far beyond journal articles, and include: PubMedID, arXiv ID, ADS ID, SSRN ID, RePEC ID, identifiers, URN (Uniform Resource Name) identifiers, ISBNs,  DOIs.

Key Functionality

  • The donut and attention score. The distinctive Altmetric donut and attention score provide an at-a-glance indicator of the type and volume of the attention the research has received.
  • Summary counts. Summary counts on the left of the page shows how many authors from each source type have mentioned or shared the work.
  • Bibliographic details. The bibliographic details, including author and publication name, date of publication and unique identifiers are included at the top of the record.
  • Browse the original mentions. Each tab on the details page shows all of the original mentions found from that source. You can click on the mentions to read the full news stories, blogs, etc.
  • Sign up for alerts. Register to receive an email each time the research you care about is mentioned in one of our sources (don’t worry, we’ll only send you a maximum of one email a day).
  • Access the published research. Click through to access the full version of the research this attention relates to.


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