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Remote Guidance on Information Seeking

Autumn and Spring 2023-2024

Remote Guidance on Information Seeking - Instructions for Pa fromrticipants

The Helsinki University Library offers students the opportunity for guidance on information seeking via email, phone, Zoom etc. This service allows students and staff  the opportunity to get support for using library research resources such as various databases, reference management etc. We can also help you find scientific journals and monographs for your written work such as a Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Please suggest several suitable dates and times. Library staff will schedule an online appointment with you.

Note! Guidance is not available during summer break from 17th June to 11th August 2024.

Link to e-form

  • If you need to cancel your appointment please send an email to: kouluttaja-lista at
  • You can also use the above email address if you have any questions on our remote information seeking support

Checklist for Participants

  • Think beforehand of any questions you might want to ask
  • Make sure you have the starting time and web address saved
  • If you intend to use a microphone (recommended, but not required) verify in advance that it's configured correctly. You can also use a webcam if you wish.
  • Please come online at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time
  • Try to ensure you have a suitable space (privacy protection)
  • Set your phone on silent mode
  • You can share your screen via Zoom so you can already open the resources you are interested in
  • The library doesn't record any sessions; if you want to record yours or part of it please discuss this in advance with the person you are meeting with

Additional Information seeking support

Instructions on Using Zoom

Your guidance session contact will email you a link to the remote conference in advance.

After this you may take part via either using the Zoom program on your computer or join the session with Google Chrome.

Wait until the library staff adds you to the meeting.

1. Using Zoom on your computer

  • You can install Zoom (and browser extenstions etc.) on your computer or mobile devices at
  • If Zoom is already installed on your device, select Join and write the address or meeting ID you got in the contact email

2.  Google Chrome

  • Just click the supplied link in your email to join
  • Make sure your Chrome is set up to be able to access your microphone etc.
  • Important: the web link version unfortunately currently only works with Chrome

Test compatibility with Zoom in advance

You can check beforehand if your system is compatible with Zoom by going to this link:

Using Zoom the first time

  • In remote guidance or webinars a microphone is recommended but not required; you can also use a webcam
  • Check the Zoom user interface once the program opens:
    • Microphone and video settings are in the lower left corner
    • Share enables you to stream your screen video
    • Use chat to chat send text messages
    • You can exit the meeting by selecting End Meeting in the lower right corner


This video has instructions on checking that your micrphone and webcam are working correctly.

More instructions on using Zoom can be found at the University of Helsinki Helpdesk site for Zoom.