Systemaattinen tiedonhaku: Library's Services for Systematic Information Retrieval

Systematic Information Retrieval

An important aspect of a systematic review or scoping review is an exhaustive, planned and documented literature search. The search should be created in such a way that it retrieves as many relevant publications as possible, without increasing the search result set to such an extent that it is no longer possible to sift through the search result. 

There are many guidelines available on how to conduct a systematic information search. In this site you'll find a selection of the guides and information on the support services that Helsinki University Library offers to the staff and students of University of Helsinki and the University Hospital.


You'll find all databases licenced by Helsinki University Library in Helka Database Search

Reference Management Software

Reference Management Software at UH

Rayyan for systematic review article screening


At the moment our courses are in Finnish, but we are planning to have courses in English too.

Tiedonhankinnan syventävät kurssit

Systematic Information Searching (in English) is included in Managing Scientific Information (1 ECTS)It's organized together with DSHealth and tailored for participants in Doctoral School in Health Sciences

Guidance on Information Seeking

If you need guidance with your own systematic information retrieval topic you can book a time to our information specialist

At the Meilahti Campus, you can also email to for booking a time.


Systemaattinen tiedonhaku (Ovid Medline, PubMed) kurssimateriaalit 

Systemaattinen tiedonhaku. ​​​Scopus / Web of Science kurssimateriaalit

Information Seeking for Systematic Reviews Scopus/ Web of Science course material

Systematic Searching Guide by Tampere University Library

Systematic Reviews Guide by Karolinska Institutet Library