Kaisa House Call Numbers: English Studies

Classification for English Studies

Location in Kaisa House: 5th floor (map)

Call number in Helka:
Hc 5. krs Kielet

Bg English language and linguistics
Bo English didactics
Bk Great Britain: literary research
Bh Great Britain: cultural history
Beirek Ireland: literary research
Beireh Ireland: cultural history
Bcank Canada: literary research
Bcanh Canada: cultural history
Baustk Australia: literary research
Bnzk New Zealand: literary research
Bcommonwealth British Commonwealth countries: literary research
Bausth Australia: cultural history
Bnzh New Zealand: cultural history
Bet Old and Middle English text series
Early English Text Society (E.S.),
Early English Text Society (O.S.),
Early English Text Society (S.S.),
English Linguistics 1500–1800
Bes Old and Middle English: texts
Bek Old and Middle English: literary research
Beh Old and Middle English: cultural history
Beg Old and Middle English: philology
Bed Old and Middle English: dictionaries
Bc Study Support Material
Bgw Writing handbooks
Be Reference books
Bd Dictionaries
English–Other Languages
Bd Isokokoiset Large dictionaries
B Isokokoiset Large books

Classification for English Studies

Location in Kaisa House: basement floor K3 (map for B classes and map for U classes)

Call number in Helka:
Hc K3 Kielet

Bbi English: bibliographies
Bc English: Study Support Material
Bd English: Dictionaries
Be English: reference works
Beirek Ireland: literary research
Bg English Linguistics
Bk Great Britain: literary  research
Bm English: compilations
Bpm English: monographic series
B Isokokoiset English: large books
B Pienikokoiset English: small books
Bd Isokokoiset English: large dictionaries
Ud United States: reference
Uf United States: folkloristics
Uh United States: cultural history
Uk United States: literary research
Um United States: geography
Un United States: philosophy
Uv United States: general
U Isokokoiset United States: large books