E-books - guide: Terms of use

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E-books Terms of Use

As a holder of a user account for University of Helsinki networks or as a walk-in customer of the Helsinki University Library, you have the right to use the electronic books acquired by the Helsinki University Library, as well as the responsibility to comply with the related terms of use as described in the licensing agreements. Breach of the terms of use may result in access being blocked for the entire University of Helsinki community.

You may

  • browse and search through the e-books
  • print and save sections of an e-book (generally 5-10%) for your personal use in study, teaching or research (however, there are numerous e-books which you can load on your mobile device for a certain period)
  • share individual sections of an e-book with a third party for purposes of scientific research and communication
  • incorporate links to e-books in electronic course materials used in teaching at the University of Helsinki

You may not

  • use an e-book or parts thereof for commercial purposes
  • distribute, sell or modify an e-book, or make derivative works of it
  • systematically download e-books by robots or other automatic processes

Remote Access

  • University researchers, teachers, other personnel and students can access online materials acquired by University of Helsinki libraries remotely, that is, with an off-campus computer. A valid user account for a University computer system supporting centralised user IDs permits online access to digital materials from any computer, for example, for users at home or travelling abroad on business.

More information

  • Electronic materials acquired to the use of the university may be used for research, teaching and studying purposes. Exploiting the materials or parts of them commercially is forbidden.
  • It is usually possible to browse the materials, do information retrievals in them, as well as print and save reasonable sections of them. Systematic distribution of the materials, altering them, and accessing them automatically is forbidden.


  • The walk-in access allows all the library customers to use most of the e-resources of the Helsinki University Library.  Access to these electronic resources is available via dedicated computers. You do not need to log on. The walk-in access is provided by most of the Finnish academic libraries.
  • If you want to print or save your searches, you can use computers decicated to this - more information from the library service desk. Identity card is required.
  • If you want to use your own laptop, you can get temporary user id (Hupnet - Helsinki University Public Network) from the library service desk. Identity card is required.