RefWorks (New): RefWorks in UH

Linkkejä ja vinkkejä RefWorks-viitteidenhallintaohjelman itseopiskeluun Helsingin yliopistolaisille


The RefWorks subscription is valid until 31 December 2021.

Please make sure to transfer your RefWorks references to another tool before the end of December 2021, if you wish to continue to use them. You can export your references in RIS format. Download attachments (e.g. PDF files) separately.

Choose a new reference management tool and import your references into the reference management tool, e.g.  Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote Basic, and Endnote desktop version. University of Helsinki offers Endnote 20 desktop version. Zotero, Mendeley, and Endnote Basic have a free version available. 

RefWorks only offers institutional accounts, therefore you cannot maintain your individual account after University of Helsinki subscription ends.

Export References from RefWorks

Short instructions:

Create an RIS file of your references in RefWorks Share – Export. Save the file on your computer. Import RIS file into your other reference management software. Export one folder at a time to keep your old folder structure. Attachments like fulltexts are not exported, download those you want to keep on your computer.

About exporting your references from RefWorks see e.g. University of Alberta guide

Simple way:

Install reference management software like e.g. Zotero or Mendeley from their pages (your own computer) or Software Center (university computer) and create account, if needed.

Open both RefWorks and Zotero (or Mendeley) accounts.
1. RefWorks: choose a folder, Share – Export references – RIS Format and Export  
2. Next Opening export.ris window: Open with Zotero
3. Small Import File window appeared in Zotero: Import into new collection, if you want to create a new collection (and rename it afterwards) or take the tick away, if you have already created and opened an empty collection for these references

Export one folder at a time to keep your old folder structure. Attachments like fulltexts are not exported, download those you want to keep on your computer.


You will retain access to your RefWorks account after graduating if the University of Helsinki continues the RefWorks subscription. The current subscription is valid until 31 December 2021. It is recommended to change your email address as you can then no longer access your old address. You can for example get an alumni email address and change it as your contact email.

  • You can replace your university email address in your account settings

Known Issues

  • Helsinki University department specific styles are no longer available
  • You can create one account per UH email address, but you can create several separate projects in your account

How to Install Write-N-Cite on University Computers

Write-N-Cite (WNC) is a utility that allows you to run an abbreviated version of RefWorks in your word processor. You can cite references in a manuscript and generate your bibliography. Write-N-Cite plug-in must be installed.

Installing Write-N-Cite on University of Helsinki computers
WNC is already installed in the computer labs. If you cannot find RefWorks in the MS Word ribbon, try to enable Write-N-Cite Add-in in Word:
File -> Options -> Add-Ins and Manage:
choose "Disabled items" + Go and click Write-n-Cite and Enable. Restart Word.


Write-N-Cite installation in the computer labs
(in case Write-N-Cite is not yet installed):

  • Select  Start  menu (on the left bottom corner of your screen)
  • Search for Software Center (instructions)
  • Search for Write-N-Cite and click the icon
  • Install the program

When the installing is completed you can find RefWorks (=Write-N-Cite) in your Microsoft Word ribbon.

Additional information

More detailed instructions on using Refworks can be found on the official RefWorks Support page. If you are using the old version, please check RefWorks (Legacy) guide.

This page includes some University of Helsinki specific instructions on New RefWorks and its plugins, especially Write-N-Cite (Cite in Microsoft Word).

If you are using Word 2016 or 2019 on Windows you should use RefWorks Citation Manager instead of Write-N-Cite. On Mac computers with Word 2016 only the new RefWorks Citation Manager plugin is supported. RefWorks Citation Manager is a Word add-in, check this video tutorial on YouTube.

The RefWorks subscription is valid until 31 December 2021.