RefWorks (Legacy): Viitteiden siirto-ongelmat


Viitteiden siirtäminen OvidSP-tietokannoista RefWorksiin onnistuu suoravientinä hyvin Helsingin yliopiston verkossa ja VPN-etäyhteydellä. NELLI-etäyhteydellä suorassa viennissä saattaa kuitenkin olla ongelmia, jolloin täytyy käyttää korvaavaa menetelmää:

1. Hae viitteet tietokannasta ja valitse haluamasi viitteet.
2. Klikkaa Export-> Export citation list avautuu, valitse:

  • Export to: RIS
  • Selected Fields to Display: Complete Reference
-> Klikkaa Export citation(s)

3. Pop-up -ikkuna avautuu -> valitse open Notepad
4. Notepadissa: maalaa ja kopioi teksti (Ctrl A ja sitten Ctrl C)
5. Siirry RefWorksiin: References-Import, valitse:

  • Import Filter/Data source: RIS-format
  • Database: RIS-format
  • Liitä äsken kopiomasi teksti tyhjään ruutuun (Import Data from the following Text)
-> Klikkaa Import

6. Reference type -viittaustyypin voi käydä muuttamassa vielä web page-> journal article (jostain syystä reference type -oletuksena on aina web page).

In English

Internet explorer 9 (Add new ja Import eivät toimi)


I am using Internet Explorer.

I want to import new references to my database. First  I have to download the citation into my computer as a .ris-file and then use the references-import function. But as I hit the Import-menu, nothing happens.

 I also failed to use the References – Add New -function. Nothing happens when I take my cursor to the Add New point and click my mouse.


  1. Compatibility View

It appears that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 as your browser. IE9 no longer recognizes the coding we use to enable users to edit rich text fields that provide the ability to format them, e.g. bold, underline, italics. Our RefWorks Team is investigating options that will allow us to support advanced editing and formatting tools while working seamlessly with current browsers.  We hope to deliver it sometime this year.

To address this, we have been forced to ask users to employ what is known as "compatibility mode" in IE9.

To Turn On Compatibility View for the RefWorks Webpage…

Login to your RefWorks account. Click on the un-highlighted Compatibility View icon button on the right side of the address bar. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The webpage will now reload with Compatibility View turned on for it.

To Turn Off Compatibility View for the Webpage

Click on the highlighted (blue) Compatibility View icon button. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The webpage will now reload with Compatibility View turned off for it.

Check also popup blockers!