RefWorks (Legacy): UH instructions


On this page there is some Helsinki University specific instructions about RefWorks.

More detailed instructions about Refworks usage you can find on Proquest RefWorks guide.

NOTE! From August 2020 onwards no more new legacy RefWorks accounts – only New RefWorks accounts can be created at the university. You can still use your legacy RW account, but it's recommended to create New RW account when starting a new manuscript. You can also import your references from legacy RW to your New RW account.

The current RefWorks subscription is valid until 31 December 2021.

How to use Write-n-Cite to write and format your paper

Write-N-Cite (WNC) is a utility that allows you to run an abbreviated version of RefWorks in your word processor. You can cite references in a manuscript and generate your bibliography. Write-N-Cite plug-in must be installed.

Installing Write-N-Cite for University of Helsinki computers
WNC is already installed in the computer labs. If you cannot find RefWorks in the MS Word ribbon, try to enable Write-N-Cite (WNC) Add-ins in Word:
File -> Options -> Add-Ins and Manage:
choose "Disabled items" + Go and click Write-n-Cite and Enable. Restart Word.


Write-n-Cite installation in the computer labs

(in case Write-n-Cite is not yet installed):

  • Select  Start  menu (on the left bottom corner of your screen)
  • All Programs
  • HY
  • Software Portal
  • Log in with your University of Helsinki network user name and password
  • search Write-n-Cite
  • click Write-n-Cite
  • click Request Software
  • click OK

When the installing is completed you can find RefWorks (=Write-n-Cite) in your Microsoft word ribbon.

Write-n-Cite installation for your private computer

While logged into your RefWorks account, choose  -> Tools -> Write-n-Cite
->follow the installation instructions