Research Data Management: Introduction

Research Data Management

Research data management (RDM) means organization, description, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected and used in a research project. Helsinki University Data Support  Network is ready to help you with all your questions:
We are a network of RDM specialists at the UH Library, IT Services, Central Archives, Research Affairs, Personnel Services, and Legal Affairs, so we find the right expert to assist you!

Why manage your data?

  • Increase your research impact
  • Save time
  • Preserve your data
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Meet funder requirements
  • Promote new discoveries
  • Support open science

Fair Data

Taking care of your research data is an essential part of good scientific practice. 

According to FAIR principles, the data should be:

  • Findable
  • Accessible
  • Interoperable
  • Re-usable

The Fairdata services in Finland:


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or phone 02 941 23000 (number available only in September)

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