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Reading and downloading an e-book

  • You can download chapters (text, html) onto your computer (Save - > ASCII Text -> Continue) or HTML (Save - > HTML - > Continue - > Save File).
  • You can't download the entire book at once.

Reading online (PC)

  • In Helka click the word "Online resource".  
  • No program installation is needed.
  • You can read one chapter at a time.
  • You can print chapters by clicking the icon .
  • You can create an account (My Workspace -> Create a new Personal Account).

Online reading

  • No program installation is needed when reading online.
  • There is unlimited multi-user access to the books.

More information

  • Books@Ovid includes the full text, references, updates, and graphics from some of the most respected sources in medicine, nursing, pharmacology, agriculture, food science, environmental science, veterinary science, and related disciplines.
  • A searcher can choose to run a search in one text, selected texts, or all texts. Color diagrams, charts, and other textbook illustrations are available as thumbnails or full-sized graphics. Information about the currently available textbooks is available in alphabetical order or listed by Subject.
  • Service also includes multimedia section.

When signed in you can

  • Create your virtual bookshelf.
  • Create alerts.
  • Save your searches.


Downloading onto a mobile device

  • You can use copy/paste to copy limited amount of text.

Reading a book with your mobile device

  • No program installation is needed.
  • Network connection.


  • Printing is unlimited.

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