E-books - guide: What if....

...e-resources doesn't work?

.. from Helsinki University Computer?

  • If the Helka link doesn't work, send an email to address e-library[at]helsinki.fi.
  • If the e-resources doesn't work from Helsinki University Computer, remove proxy address from the address line. Example -  Dawsonera book: http://login.libproxy.helsinki.fi/login?url=http://www.dawsonera.com/depp/reader/protected/external/AbstractView/S9780198034773 - leave this away: http://login.libproxy.helsinki.fi/login?url= publisher's direct address: http://www.dawsonera.com/depp/reader/protected/external/AbstractView/S9780198034773

... remote connect?

  • If the Helka link doesn't work remotely, send an email to address e-library[at]helsinki.fi.
  • You can also use remote access through VPN portal.
  • More information from VPN portal here.
  • You can also install VPN client to your computer, client is called Pulse Secure. Installation instructions here (in Finnish).
  • Using the VPN connection requires an active university computer network login.

... mobile?