E-books - guide: Neurology Collection

Reading and downloading an e-book

  • Downloading is not allowed.

Reading online (PC)

  • You can use copy/paste to copy limited amount of text.
  • There is unlimited multi-user access to the books.
  • In Helka click the word "Online resource".  

Online reading

  • No program installation is needed when reading online.
  • There is unlimited multi-user access to the books.

More information

When signed in you can

Downloading onto a mobile device

  • Once you have created an account with Helsinki University computer, you can log in Neurology Collection with your mobile device by using that account.

There are three ways to use resource with mobile device:

With Eduroam or Hupnet:

Remote connection (outside of Helsinki University networks)

  • Helka - after you have clicked Neurology Collection, write your Helsinki University network ID and password.
  • Free MyAccess Account - this account must be created with Helsinki University computer.
  • You can create an account by clicking "University of Helsinki" on the upper right corner. After that choose "Login or Create a Free MyAccess Account".


  • Printing is unlimited.

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