Library guide for teachers: Information seeking training and support

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Online Courses

First year student

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Bachelor´s and master´s level online course (MOOC- Massive Open Online)

Information seeking online course (MOOC) are open to everyone.

Courses are suitable for self-study.

The online course will provide learners with an introduction to information seeking and information managment. Teacher may integrate the online course as part of other courses. Helsinki University library don´t grant the credits. When all the compulsory assignments are completed, students can have and automated certificate of their achievements.

Course options:

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Information seeking and management

Tabletilla työskentelyä


Information seeking and management is an essential academic skill.

Learning Paths in Information Seeking



In the library's online courses and workshops, the student can train his / her academic information seeking skills. Training is available both online and on campuses.

The information seeking and management for thesis writers (MOOC) can be integrated into the student's studies. For those who need additional support face-to-face sessions and workshops are available.


Courses and guidance workshops


The training personnel of the Helsinki University Library can be contacted via e-form.