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Mathematics and mathematical statistics books are located in the Kumpula campus library (first floor). This information can also be found on our main website.

51 Mathematics
51.00 General Mathematics
51.00.30 Philosophy of Mathematics
51.03 Mathematical Logic, Set Theory and Foundations
51.05 Combinatorics
51.06 Order, Lattices
51.08 General Algebraic Systems
51.11 Number Theory
51.12 Field Theory and Polynomials
51.13 Commutative Rings and Algebras
51.14 Algebraic Geometry
51.15 Linear Algebra
51.16 Associative Rings and Algebras
51.17 Nonassociative Rings and Algebras
51.18 Category theory, Homological Algebra
51.20 Group Theory
51.22 Topological Groups, Lie Groups
51.26 Real Functions
51.28 Measure and Integration
51.30 Functions of a Complex Variable
51.31 Potential Theory
51.32 Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces
51.33 Special Functions
51.34 Ordinary Differential Equations
51.35 Partial Differential Equations
51.37 Dynamical Systems
51.39 Finite Differences and Functional Equations
51.40 Sequences, Series, Summability
51.41 Approximations and Expansions
51.42 Fourier Analysis
51.43 Abstract Harmonic Analysis
51.44 Integral Transforms
51.45 Integral Equations
51.46 Functional Analysis
51.47 Operator Theory
51.49 Calculus of Variations
51.51 Geometry
51.52 Convex and Discrete Geometry
51.53 Differential Geometry
51.54 General Topology
51.55 Algebraic Topology
51.57 Manifolds and Cell Complexes
51.58 Global analysis, Analysis on Manifolds
51.60 Probability Theory
51.62 Statistical Science
51.65 Numerical analysis
51.66 Tables
51.67 Problem Collections
51.90 Operations Research, Mathematical Programming
51.91 Game Theory, Economics
51.93 Systems Theory, Control
51.94 Information and Communication
519.6 Computational Methods
93.51 History of Mathematics
99.51 Text Books in Mathematics
99.511 High School etc. Text Books in Mathematics