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Electronic resources are available in the network of University of Helsinki or through remote access. Accessing the electronic resources from outside the library locations via a remote connection requires a University user account.

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Article Level Metrics - Altmetrics

Traditional metric tools disregard new types of scholarly communication. Altmetrics can be used to measure how scholarly articles are being shared, used and discussed in the social media and publisher sites.

Altmetric Explorer
The Altmetric Explorer / University of Helsinki gathers data related to journal articles from news stories, blog posts, tweets, and postings related to scholarly articles and creates a score based on information from each of the data sources examined.

Altmetric Bookmarklet
Install the Altmetric Bookmarklet and get article level metrics of the papers you are reading.

Examples of databases and publishers who offer altmetric services:

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Browse Helsinki University Library’s E-Journal Collections


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Directory of Open Access Journals

Cabells - a Database of Predatory Journals

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Cabells is a database which lists predatory journals, not recommended as publication channels. The service is in test use in University of Helsinki until the end of 2023. UH has a license to a list of predatory journals (predatory reports). From the search result you can see a list of suspicious features of the journal (violations) which are the reasons why the journal is added to the database. Note that Cabells has no relation to a website There is no guarantee that the information there is reliable. 

A view from Cabells database

Journal Evaluation

Looking for Standards?

We have a large collection of printed CS related standards, for example those from ISO. Most are kept in the reference collection on the second floor while some are kept in the textbooks section due to their frequent use.

The easiest way to find standards is to use the keyword search option in Helka and search for the standard number.

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