Research Data Management: Introduction

Research Data Management

The management of research data refers to creating and storing research data and related descriptive metadata so as to preserve the usability and reliability of the material, taking into account confidentiality and data protection issues throughout the lifespan of the data.

The University of Helsinki research data policy defines high-level principles regarding the collection, storing, use, and management of research data.


Why manage your data?

  • Increase your research impact
  • Save time
  • Preserve your data
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Meet funder requirements
  • Promote new discoveries
  • Support open science


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Contact datasupport at

or phone 02 941 23000 (number available only in September)

More resources

Data Management Guidelines (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

Data Management Guide (Open Science and Research, Finland)

Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020


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